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How to Measure a Suit?

How to Measure a Suit?

To get accurate measurements, you will need a soft measuring tape and a partner to help. Remove your outerwear and/or suit jacket when having your measurements taken.

IMPORTANT: The chest and overarm measurements are a guideline for the range of sizes that fit your frame. As a general rule, your chest measurement will be your jacket size.

  1. CHEST MEASUREMENT: Wrap the measuring tape under your arms, measuring around the widest part of your chest. As tempting as it is, don’t puff out your chest or flex.
  2. OVERARM MEASUREMENT: Measure around the widest part of your chest, but this time, wrap the tape measure all the way around your arms. Again, try to stay relaxed for this measurement.
  3. WAIST MEASUREMENT: Wrap the measuring tape around your waist, just above your hips, where dress pants would normally sit. If you’re wearing jeans or casual pants, aim for just above the waist of the pant, but don’t go over the top, where a belt would sit.
  4. INSEAM MEASUREMENT: It’s possible to get your inseam measurement using a pair of pants you own that fit you well. Fold the pants in half vertically and lay them on a flat surface. Place the end of the tape on the crotch seam and stretch it to the bottom of the hem. Make sure the pants you use to measure closely matches your selected suit fit. For example, if you are looking for a slimmer fit suit be sure you use slimmer fitting pants when measuring. For body measurement, stand upright while your partner measures from the crotch seam to where you would like the hem to fall. To find the most accurate inseam measurement, wear the shoes you intend to pair with the pants. We recommend that the pants skim the forefoot (or top) of your shoe, but feel free to adjust the length if you prefer a shorter or longer hem.
  5. SLEEVE MEASUREMENT: Keeping your shoulders relaxed and arms down at your sides, hold the measuring tape at the edge of your shoulder, at the armhole. Measure straight down to the wrist, just where it meets your hand.

These measurements are a guide to help choose the size that will fit you best. Your exact size may vary depending on the designer label you choose.


  1. Always wear a dress shirt and dress shoes to get fitted.
    Without over-explaining, this is all about precision. Flip flops and t-shirts aren’t the same.
  2. Communicate your preferred fit (or bring a photo).
    We each have our own definition of what looks good and fits correctly, so speak up so the pro’s can dial it in for you. Not sure how to describe your preference? Show them a photo of a celeb wearing a suit the way you like it.
  3. But don’t argue with the pros.
    If they’re making a recommendation, there’s probably a good reason—maybe they know something about the fit of their suits that you don’t. Just know that they want you to look good. Treat it like a trust fall, but for your suit.

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